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Reservation for the seats for the parade and lantern making



Dear Friends,


As Lotus Lantern Festival of 2016 comes just around the corner(6~8th May 2016), many foreign friends want to book the seats eagerly to see the parade of 7th May and  Lotus Lantern Making Festival for Foreigners of 8th May 2016. First come first served and it's free also!!


IDIA(International Dharma Instructors Association) is coordinating the booking and management of the events and you can contact with them by e-mail(ipogyo@buddhism.or.kr) or phone(+82-2-722-2206) at this time.


For more information of the festival, you can cotact with Mr. HONG of Celebration Committee for Buddha's Birthday by e-mail(hong@buddhism.or.kr) or phone(+82-2-2011-1746).


Let's get together at the beautiful Festival!!


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