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Invitation as a foreign monitor for the "2010 Lotus Lantern Festi…



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Invitation as a foreign monitor for the

"2010 Lotus Lantern Festival",

one of the most fascinating Korean festival in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Seoul!!!

The things that you are going to do as a monitor!

1. LEARNING "Lotus Lantern Festival" by watching pictures and video clips at a pre-meeting

2. ENJOYING "Lotus Lantern Festival", on May 15~16 (Sat~Sun)

3. PLAYING "Lotus Lantern Festival" as a journalist

- Participating in various programs at the "Lotus Lantern Festival"

- Taking photographs of the festival

- Observing and Interviewing other participants

4. SHARING your feelings and thoughts on the "Lotus Lantern Festival" and taking part in a discussion at the workshop after the festival.

Benefits for our monitors!

1. Participating in various programs at the "Lotus Lantern Festival"

2. TEMPLE STAY for 2 days on Buddha’s birthday, experiencing the Buddhist temple life style.

3. SOUVENIRS of the Lotus Lantern Festival

4. STIPEND is available to cover the cost of participating in the programs and also for the temple stay.

If you are interested in participating as a monitor,

Please send an email (to lotuslanternfestival@gmail.com) following this form in the square below.

Dead line: April 28th

We are going to let you know the result of applying for this position by phone until May 3rd.

mail header: [applicant for Lotus Lantern Festival] name

- name :

- age :

- nationality : (city, country)

- e-mail :

- cell-phone number

- facebook or twitter :

- your address in Korea:

- reason you are in Korea:

- Do you have your own digital camera?

- How did you apply for this position?

- Self Introduction and Why you are applying for this position? (more than 200words)

Requirement %26amp; Notification

1. All the communication including the Program Introduction, Orientation and Discussion will be done in English. So the participants must be able to communicate in English.

2. The participants have to be able to take photographs, take part in the presentation and to follow the task at the festival. You don’t have to be a professional.

3. The participants have to use his/her own digital camera for taking photographs. (The each photograph has to be greater than 1024 pixels high)

4. The participants must attend the following 3 events. Any participant who doesn’t attend any of following events will be eliminated from the monitors list.



On-Site Monitoring

Presentation %26amp; Discussion

%2B TempleStay

May 7 (Fri) 6pm~8pm

May 15 (Sat) ? 5pm~8pm

May 16 (Sun) ? all day

May 21~22 (Fri %26amp; Sat)

(Friday is the Buddhas birthday and it is a national holiday)

Jongno Jogyesa

Jongno District around Jogyesa

Buseoksa, Seosan

1) Introduction of Lotus Lantern Festival (watching videos, etc)

2) Training Monitors Duty

- On-site Monitors duty

- Tasks and presentation guideline

3) Ice Breaking

1) Play as a Journalist

2) Experience the programs

3) Observation

4) Interview

1) Attend the workshop

- Presentation

- Discussion

2) TempleStay

- Experience the Buddhist temple

- Experience the celebration of Buddhas birthday

Cultural consulting company "기분좋은 트렌드하우스 QX" is specializing in consultation work for the development and valuation of various government related cultural events in Korea. We are conducting the "Foreign monitor project (consisted of 10 foreigners)" which is selecting participants and helping them to report directly from the "2010 Lotus Lantern Festival".

Another way of participating at the Lotus Lantern Festival!!

? Enjoy the festival and share your passion %26amp; impressions for 2010 Lotus Lantern Festival! Promotional gift will be sent out to all the writers!!

Step1. Come to the Lotus Lantern Festival on May 17th 2010, and enjoy the programs and festivities.

Step2. Visit our LLF website, www.llf.or.kr/eng/ and download the form, ’Share your Passion and impression for 2010 Lotus Lantern Festival’.

Step3. Write your thoughts about 2010 LLF and email it to llf@buddhism.or.kr

Step4. Receive your promotional gift.

Please visit our website www.llf.or.kr/eng/ for more information!

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