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Yeon Deung Hoe ‘Lotus Lantern Festival’

May 11~13. 2018(Fri-sun, 2562 Buddhist Era)
Vicinity of Jongno street and Jogye-sa Temple, downtown Seoul, South Korea

In tribute to a millennial tradition you are cordially invited to Korea’s annual Lotus lantern Festival which will definitely lighten your heart and brighten your world. Organized to celebrate the Buddhas’s coming into this world, the month-long Lotus lantern Festival will pack its most highlighted events into three days on May 11~13, 2018 there are hands-on experiential programs and performances to sing and dance along with, as well as parades and exhibitions to see. Please remind the dates of the festival changes every year as it will be held during the weekend right before the Buddha's Birthday which falls on 8th April by Lunar Calendar(22 May 2018).


Most programs are family-oriented, so bring your families and loved ones and immerse yourselves in the festival’s spiritual ambience and energetic togetherness which you won’t be able to experience anywhere else. On the night of May 12, 2018. more than one hundred thousand luminous lanterns will light up the Seoul night. The majestic parade of lanterns in unimaginable shapes and colors will bring the hearts of both participants and spectators together as on.  


* E-mail for more information: hong@buddhism.or.kr