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Traditional Cultural Event on 17th May, 2015



Traditional Cultural Event on 17th May, 2015 in front of Jogye-sa temple downtown Seoul

Buddhist Young Man, Temple Brother %26amp; Sister Pod cast, Wish box to Make Sutpa, Buddha Mask Making, Sigh Language, Paer Lotus Making, Meditation with Diamond Sutra, Templestay, Temple Food, Temple Food Campaign, Buddhist Foreign Language Books, Meditation Music, Picture Postcard Makiong, Speech Bubble

Indian Culture, Paper Flower on My Head, Himalayan Buddhism, Sand Mandhala, Nepal Buddhism, Bhutan Buddhism. Thai Buddhism. Japan Buddhism. Taiwan Buddhism(Fogwangshan), Mongol Buddhism. Myanmar Buddhism. Communicate to Know Seoul. Lotus Gallery

Find Landmine for Peace, Soap Making, Books for Myanmar %26amp; E-Timor Children, U Know North Korea?, 108 Bows for Peaceful Reunification of Korea, Free Hug, Campaign for Trash Zero, Returning Stolen National Treasure, Sutpa Making with 3D Printer, Buddhist Character Making, Eco-bag Making, Traditional Paper Flower, Moxibustion, Meridian Massage, Try Foreign Costume, Laos Coffee

Lotus Leaf Rice, Korean Tea %26amp; Snack, Chili Rice Cake, Gimbap, Bibimbap, Rice Cake, Temple Dumpling, Korean Fermented Sauce

Paper Flower Making, Buddhism Pattern, Painting of Ven. Jinkwan, Sutra Writing with Gold Ink, Family Motto Writing, Paper Shoes Making, Paper Flowe Making, Incense Making, Patch Work Lantern, Buddhist Pattern Button, Mask Making, Happy Mandhala, Bamboo Bell Making, Bamboo Pipe, Nacre Lacquer, Lotus Brooch, Buddhist Jewelry, Folk Painting,

Organ Donation, Lantern Accessary, Buddha Painting, Drawing Book, Psychology Consultation with Figure, Flower Stupa for Life, Traditional Spinning Wheel, Incense Holder Making, Paper Sheep and Frog, Pressed Flower Craft, Seonmudo %26ndash; Moving Meditation, Meditation Cafe, Buddhist Rosary Making, Magic Baloon, Folk Play

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