Global supporters for Yeon Deung Hoe 2021
Date 2021-03-25




About this Program
Yeondeunghoe, which is the 'UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity' and 'Korea's Intangible Cultural Heritage NO.122' is one of the biggest festivals in Korea. We’re  now  recruiting  'Global  Cultural  Supporters'  for  this International Festival celebrated by over 300 thousands people every year!  This  year’s  event will  be  held  mainly  ONLINE  &  individual  visiting  due  to the COVID-19 situation. 


Hosted by Yeondeunghoe Preservation Committee​


– Free Temple-stay ticket. (You can use anytime during or after the event)
– Activity fee: 100,000 won will be paid at the end of the program.
– Reward to the best members : 100,000 won each will be rewarded at the end of the program.
– Free educational lectures for volunteers​ 


Application Period and Interview: 

– Application Period: 2021 March 14th ~ March 31st,

  ** Registration can be closed early in case of arrival of overwhelming numbers of candidates.
– Submit Application at:  


Volunteer Education & Program Schedule:
Phone Interview: April 5th Mon 4pm ~7pm
The selection result will be announced on the next day.
Orientation is on April 7th WED 6~8pm ONLINE

** Missions **
Mission 1. Participating online meeting (7th April WED 6pm) : 

                                       Orientation, Lecture of Yeondeunghoe's History 

Mission 2. Making Lotus Lantern and share it via online 

                                       ​(all materials & instruction will be provided) 

Mission 3. Learning of Festival's Dance! : Practice one signature dance of the
                                       ​festival and upload individual dance relay video online. 

Mission 4. Visit one of exposition places (Seoul) individually 

                                       ​and share the story and photos online. 

Mission 5. Decorate your house with a lantern of wish. Make the lantern and share
                                       your prayer & wish with the photo online. (all materials & instruction will be provided) 

Mission 6. Make more than 5 SNS postings totally about the missions above. 

This  year’s  event  will  be  held  mainly  ONLINE  &  individual  visiting  due  to COVID-19 situation. 

※ All programs are conducted in English.

– Citizens of the world who wish to enjoy the Online Lotus Lantern Festival and
promote it on your social media.
– Members needed: 30 Global Expats ( Past years participants are welcome ! )
※ Volunteers will be selected after an interview in English
※ All programs are in English​