2024 Schedule for YeonDeungHoe(Lotus Lantern Festival)
Date 2023-06-15



2024 YeonDeungHoe( Lotus Lantern Festival) will be held from May 10th(Fri.) to 12th(Sun) 2024. 


11th (Sat) May: Lantern parade and Daedonghanmadang 

12th (Sun) May: Traditional Cultural Events & Yeondeungnori



On the streets full of waves of a variety of five-color lanterns, the paraders greeted the audience with bright smiles.

That bright smile creates Yeondeunghoe full of happiness. 

We pay our sincere thanks for you



we are looking forward to meet you at a happy lotus lantern festival in the next year.


May Buddha's light always be with you~


​ ​