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It lives and breath it rests crab how many good one it is?
Date 2007-05-24 Writer min byeong gug

It lives and breath it rests crab how many good one it is? The feeling will be good and there is a possibility which it will enjoy. The like you there is a possibility of seeing freely. The like you there is a possibility of listening to freely. The like you there is a possibility of sniff freely. The like you there is a possibility of eating freely. The like you it feels freely and there is a dead water. There is a possibility you doing freely. When being healthy, it is this princess and a king of you. It is healthy and a like you it could be and, but There is not a health and a possibility also one kind doing there is not, the pig bedspread. Like that health is the thing how many the good one hereupon bedspread? When time it goes it sees and you so soon the age staying mind the place where it is a youth The body ages, large outside of a house the world beyond length five? Young time does not come two. When being strength, also the high mountain moves but it slants and when, when the sand egg it does not move. being strength to the mouth, separate way it picks it gives but when being strength to the mouth, neither the water sip will drink. always to dawn and it will be healthy and it will live and Ji bedspread. it will be like that and lye it defends it does cotton health and and. Defend the health! It is warm in the washing up wash bowl and it asks and to receive only it sits, total ten:00 bedspreads. When it executes the fact that it sits in the water there is a possibility of defending you health. In the morning, above 30 minutes in afternoon it executes one day and everyday habit the field this the thing is important. (Recording which will be sitting long to be good, at the time of force these people At easy do to go) It is young it will not be eternal not to be, now freely is but age to enter and it is not to become like that? It is being taken up, when also it is healthy to defend a health, it will not defend and the possibility which it will defend there will not be all things. The person where the age of oneself is above 30 three, the life which oneself is healthy if it wants and it executes surely and there is a fact possibility it wishes. Defend a health and live! It lives and breath it rests and lye the cotton it is healthy and case Maj who breathes it comes? Breath once rest and ~ defend healthily and live!


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