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2009 lotus lantern making for foreigners



International Dharma Instructors%26rsquo; Association

Invites You to Participate in

the Lotus Lantern Making Festival

%26quot;Please attain Buddha-hood in your next lifetime by lighting a lantern in this life%26quot; we say. Lighting the lantern represents prayer for brightening the world.

You can experience the making of an eight-sided lantern and pray for your wishes.

Lotus lantern making will be held right next to the

Buddhist Street

that will offer many cultural experiences.

Please take the lantern you made with you and join the Grand Lantern Parade

on the evening of April 26th. Itstarts at 7pm at TapgolPark in Jongro 3 ga.

It will be a wonderful experience of Korea%27s essential spiritual tradition.

1. When : 12:00, April 26 (Sun) 2009

2. Where : In front of Jo-GyeTemple (
Jo-Gye Temple Street

Subway %26gt; No.3 (Orange line) %26gt; An-guk st. %26gt; Exit #6 %26gt; way to
Jo-Gye Temple

No.1 (Blue line) %26gt; Jong-gak st. %26gt; Exit #2 %26gt; way to JoGyeTemple

3. Please contact: Ms. Kweon-Misook %26amp; Ms. Hong-Heeyon

Tel: 02 722 2206 (10:00 ~ 18:00 except every Sat %26amp; Sun)

Fax: 02-722-2203

E-mail: ipogyo@buddhism.or.kr

4. Notice

Please send attached applicationby April 15 (Wed) via E-mail or Fax to us.

Please visit Lotus lantern making festival Information Desk by 12:00

to make a registration.

Just Come and Enjoy the Festival please!

Everything that You need is prepared!

No Charge!

May You Be Enlightened!

Park-sang pil

Chair Person

International Dharma Instructors%26rsquo; Association

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