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Lotus Lantern Festival [May 6-May 8]
Date 2011-04-29 Writer LLF

Lotus Lantern Festival! [May 6 ~ May 8]

Viva. the Buddha%27s Birthday!

Come and enjoy the taste of traditional flavor and excitement of Korea!

The Lotus Lantern Festival is held over the weekend just before the Buddha%27s Birthday, from May 6 to May 8.

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The Lantern Parade on Saturday (May 7) which begins at Dongdaemun and ends at

JoGyesa Temple is the most spectacular scene you will ever see. A variety of

colors and shapes like dragons, stupas, elephants, phoenixes, drums, turtles

and lotuses pass before you, each showing its own beauty. Don%27t miss this giant lantern

floating. Please keep some water, snacks, warm clothes and a good camera to

enjoy the excitement better.

The Buddhist Street Festival on Sunday (May 8) has all kinds of traditional

performances and activities. More than 100 booths are set up to have

participants enjoy diverse cultural experience. Performances on stage including

Korean Buddhist ritual dances are attractive to Korean as well as foreign

spectators. You need to run from one thing to the next trying not to miss


It%27s worth joining to capture the magic of Lotus Lantern Festival .

May 6 (Friday)

* Exhibition of Traditional Lanterns :

May 6~ May 10 : BongEunsa Temple

May 7 (Saturday)

* Buddhist Cheer Rally (EoWulRim MaDang):

4:30 ~ 6:00 pm : DongGuk University Stadium

* Lantern Parade :

7:00 ~ 9:30 pm : along Jongno street to JoGyesa Temple

* Post-Parade Celebration (HoeHyang HanMaDang):

9:30 ~ 11:00 : JongGak Intersection

May 8 (Sunday)

* Buddhist Street Festival :

Noon ~ 7:00 pm : Street in front of JoGyesa Temple

* Performances on Stage :

Noon ~ 7:00 pm : Street in front of JoGyesa Temple

* Final Celebration :

7:00 ~ 9:00 pm : Insadong and the street in front of JoGyesa Temple

* For further information: tel: 02)2011-1744-7

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